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16 May 2013 ~ 0 Comments

When to use a Wash

We have two great washes available at Equimins: Lavender Fresh Wash and Clean Coat Body Wash. Both these products are easy to use and get excellent reports when we send them out for tried and testeds in magazines, but as they aren’t shampoos and can be used in a few different ways, we wanted to help you decide when to wash!

clean_coat_500ml copyFirst of all, let’s address what a wash actually is. Our two washes are soap free and are added to water before it gets used to wash the horse off, helping to remove sweat after exercise…and they don’t require rinsing. To use the product as a body wash, only one capful per litre of water is needed, so they are great value. What’s more, both of our washes can be used undiluted (you’ll find out why you’d want to use an undiluted wash below!), so they have other uses too.

Let’s start with Clean Coat. This refreshing and cooling body wash can be used after exercise to help clean the horse’s coat, but it also contains tea tree oil, allantoin, witch hazel and spearmint that help to soothe the skin…and the combination smells great too! The diluted Clean Coat can be used in place of pure water for washing off, when the horse has become sweaty or needs refreshing, but it can also be used undiluted as a pre-clip degreaser, meaning it’s great for year round use.lavenderfreshwash_1l

Lavender Fresh Wash contains lavender oil, which not only smells divine…it’s antibacterial too. It can be used after exercise to wash away dirt and sweat, and has the added advantage of refreshing the horse and helping to soothe minor cuts and bruises. As per Clean Coat, Lavender Fresh Wash can be used undiluted, but this time, to help soothe bruising on the legs.

To find out more about Lavender Fresh Wash or Clean Coat, see the website.

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