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15 July 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Keep your horse cool!

We love the sunshine and most of what comes with it (barbeques, ice creams, beaches…the list goes on!) but we know that it’s not ideal for horses. With the flies and heat, horses can find summer pretty hard going…and that’s why we asked our lovely Facebook fans for their tips when it comes to keeping your horse cool and happy.


  • If you’re looking to stable your horse for a portion of the day, consider stabling in the day to help keep you horse cool, and turn out at night when flies are less and the heat has gone.
  • Try and ride early or later as it’s cooler.
  • Provide plenty of shade areas in the field.
  • Wash off/hose off after work to help cool your horse down and remove sweat.
  • One facebook fan clipped her horse as he was getting so sweaty and hot.

We thought these tips were brilliant- here are a few of our own too…

  • Don’t forget the sunscreen– horses can get sunburnt too, especially if they have pink bits, such as muzzles.
  • If your horse is sweating when worked or just in the field, it might be worth considering adding electrolytes to his diet.Electrolytes
  • Always make sure your horse has a supply of fresh water. This is important all year round but horses can drink a lot when it’s hot, and it’s important that they can.
  • If you’re washing your horse off after work or to keep him cool- have a look at adding a wash to it. Our Clean Coat is really easy to use (just put a capful in the bucket) and wash the horse as normal. It’s cooling and also removes sweat stains and dirt.
  • Fly repellents are really important at this time of year as constant tail swishing, leg stamping, twitching and general irritation can get horses very hot and bothered.

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