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19 February 2013 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use? Vanessa tells us about Amy and Advance Concentrate Complete

Equimins customer Vanessa Wotton sent us an email about her horse Amy, who was losing condition during the winter, and how adding Advance Concentrate Complete into her horse’s diet changed things.

Vanessa lives in Devon and owns Amy, a 16hh Irish Sports Horse. Vanessa has owned Amy for 15 months.

“I bought Amy in October 2011 and she is mainly used for schooling and Riding Club dressage. She does also enjoy jumping with a more confident rider! She lives out 24/7 and throughout the winter she lost condition, culminating in her saddle not fitting her any more. She was on good quality haylage and a massive amount of feed, but she still lost condition. I switched her feed to a build up conditioning mix hoping to see an improvement, but nothing happened until I started using Equimins Advance Concentrate Complete. I put Amy on Advance in May 2012 and, as you can see, the results were amazing! I was slightly worried at first as I am a nervous rider and did not want the risk of her fizzing up, but there was no change other than her appearance. After just four weeks on Advance, I was told by the physio that she was a perfect weight.”

The images below are a before and after- image one shows Amy before she started on Advance, and image two shows Amy two weeks later.


Before using Advance Concentrate Complete

Before using Advance Concentrate Complete


After using Advance Concentrate Complete for two weeks

Please note that while horse owners can expect to see improvements when using Advance Concentrate Complete, in our experience, best results are seen after using the product for two months.

To find out more about Advance Concentrate Complete, our range of vitamins and minerals or any other product in our range, just see the website.


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