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16 May 2013 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use? Ros tells us about Nikita and Detangler

We were delighted to receive an email from Ros about how she uses our Detangler with her mare Nikita. Ros wrote to us about Detangler…

Nikita's tail

Nikita’s tail


“One of the products that I have used regularly is your Detangler Lotion. My mare has a huge tail – it draws a lot of compliments but can be a monster to brush. Equimins Detangler is the only product that enables me to keep her tail looking lovely. I ran out of Detangler, and oh dear, how difficult it was to brush her tail. In fact, for the last few weeks I have not been able to brush her tail at all. The mud stuck her tail hairs together and it looked awful. I did wash her tail and, for a few days, was able to make it look presentable but then it got too much. I’ve now got some more Detangler now and, oh, the relief to be able to deal with her tail  ……. A few sprays and 5 minutes later, as good as ‘new’.”   

We wanted to find out a bit more about Nikita and her huge tail…

Nikita in action jumping

Nikita in action jumping

I have always loved horses but our family did not have the resources for me to ride so, as a small child, I had an ‘imaginary’ horse and as many toy ones as I could accrue at birthdays and Christmas. When I was 9 my parents managed to find the funds for me to have a half hour lesson once a week.  That was it, I was even more besotted with horses – after a few years of lessons I managed to get a job as a ‘working pupil’ at a riding school. This was actually working really hard all weekend for a free ride on an overworked pony. But I loved it.

I wasn’t able to afford my own horse until 12 years ago, at the age of 42, I managed to save enough to buy a lovely 16.1 hh, bay TB x Shire mare who I had been riding for a few months. I couldn’t believe I had my own horse!

Nikita has been a wonderful addition to our family. I have hacked miles and miles on her – alone and with others.  She is as bomb proof as any horse could be on the roads – buses, lorries, tractors, nothing fazes her.

All three of my daughters have hacked, schooled and competed on her.  Erin especially has worked hard schooling her and has competed in local competitions –  Ridden Hunter, dressage, a little bit of jumping and cross country and some sponsored rides. My husband and son have both had a walk round on her so she is, truly, a family horse.

Nikita is now in her early twenties (I think) – her history is a little vague, I know she was used as a brood mare before she was backed to ride but her exact age is unknown.

She is now, mostly, retired – just a bit of fair weather hacking. As I said, wonderful on the road, but still gets herself excited when we get to the grass.

She has the most amazing tail –  inherited from her Shire mum, I think, as is the majority of her temperament and confirmation.  The Thoroughbred blood makes itself known at odd times when she decides that the only pace to travel at is gallop !  Her tail is the thing that people comment on a lot – which is why I cannot sing the praises of the Equimins Detangler enough.”


Nikita grazing

Nikita grazing

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