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16 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use…Hollie Jones?

Hollie Jones emailed us about her horses Skyllar and Rooney, and told us a bit about them…and what she uses from our range and why… 1235549_10151812972612940_772765179_nThe horses… I have Skylla – he is an Irish sports horse around 7ish. Unfortunately he is just a very expensive field ornament as he can’t be ridden due to osteoarthritis running the length of his spine, bone spavins in his hocks and degenerative joint disease. If you saw him in the field you would call me a liar as he is the quickest, most looney horse I’ve ever met racing round the field bucking, broncing and my goodness he has a jump on him! I have had to add a row of electric tape in top of my post and rail to stop him escaping! He is such a character – he’s so loving, always wanting to be near you. Yes, it can get a bit cramped when I’m trying to groom and Skylla just pops his head on my shoulder or moves in for a kiss, but we do love him and his quirky little ways. When we first had Skylla he was a nervous wreck. He would cower at the back of the stable and wouldn’t let you touch him or even get near equimins-biotin-plushim, but with perseverance and love we brought him round he is still a little jumpy with new people but nowhere near as bad as he was. His feet were in a terrible state as well but we couldn’t get near them without the threat of getting kicked but, again, we kept trying, slowly working our way down his legs and eventually he let us do what we needed. The farrier also had some battles with him. We tried all sorts to get his feet to a better quality but nothing was really improving them – some of them would make his hooves grow quicker but they were still very soft, brittle and kept chipping. Then we found Biotin Plus 25 which has made a big difference to the strength of them and they hardly chip now! I will be continuing to use Biotin Plus 25. Then there’s Rooney – he’s a 8yr old cob x with the brain of a thoroughbred. He’s so jumpy and spooky he even jumps at his own shadow. I can’t actually ride at the moment after a run of bad luck starting with getting kicked by Rooney resulting in surgery to fix a badly broken leg with a metal rod, then I was well on the way to being able to get back on Rooney after sorting my confidence issues then my appendix gave up on me so I had to have more surgery meaning an even longer wait to back on boar. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be riding again as I miss it so much and I think Rooney has missed it as well, even though before all of this he could be a nightmare to ride as he can be quite stroppy and spooky at the same time, but I have tried all sorts of calmers to help with his spookiness but none have really helped. I will be getting back on board in the next few weeks as I can’t take no riding any more! The other horse in the picture was my sisters Koda. He was sold to a lovely family not far from us and is living a wonderful life hunting, team chasing, and lots of other wonderful stuff and we are really proud of him 😀  Thank you to Apex Photography for letting us use the photograph. **We did suggest that Hollie tried Serenity Ultra Calm + with Rooney and look forward to hearing how she gets on**   We’ve sent Hollie a little ‘thank you’ for sending us her information. If you’d like to be considered for our ‘what do you use?’ blog, just email us at rhea@equimins.com!

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