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27 June 2014 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use?

This month’s ‘what do you use?’ comes from Vanessa Robertson. Vanessa lives in Perthshire and works full time for her local council as an e-Procurement Officer. When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her horse, Excellaya (Shabana Excellaya), a horse she bought as a weanling and produced, backed and schooled herself. Excellaya is a 15hh grey Anglo Arab mare and she is now 11 years old and was shown in-hand as a two and three year old, and is now shown under saddle.

IMG_0897[5] copy“We did quite a lot of show jumping for a few years (just up to Discovery level).  I found that this greatly improved her confidence and also her general way of going.  The best experience of this was competing her at an Elite BSJA show.  It was an amazing atmosphere and she really rose to the occasion and behaved and jumped fantastic.

“I now concentrate on her showing as this is what she was bred and bought for and what she is best at.  We compete in Part Bred Arab and Hack classes at local level.  Going showing is great because it gives you the incentive to keep them looking and going their best.  I love getting photographs and videos of her all done up looking beautiful and I also love always trying to improve our individual show.

Our proudest achievements in showing to date are:

  • 2nd (only to Alan Charlesworth) In-Hand Part Bred Arab at the Royal Highland Show as a 3yo (2006) in a really quality field (and her behaving so perfectly in the parade)
  • Reserve Champion In-Hand Hunter Pony Youngstock; NPS Scotland Summer Championships (2006)
  • Overall In-Hand Potential Sports Pony Champion; Scottish Sports Horse (2005)
  • Champion Hack; The Scottish Masters (2010)
  • Overall Ridden Horse Champion & Supreme Champion; Howe CC Autumn Show (2011)
  • Overall Ridden Horse Champion & Reserve Supreme Champion; Stonehaven RC Show (2012)
  • Overall Ridden Horse Champion & 1st Reserve Supreme Champion; Glenfoot Show (2012)
  • 3 x Part Bred Arab Champion and 2 x Overall Arab Champion; World Horse Welfare Show (2010/2012/2013)
  • 1st Open Summer Hack Championship; Scottish Friends of Ponies UK (2013)

IMG_7391c[1][7] copyI use the following Equimins products for Excellaya –

Air Power Booster when required.  She sometimes gets a bit of a stable cough and I find this helps to ease it off.

Biotin 15 and Scandinavian Seaweed daily in her feed to keep help her coat looking healthy and maintain healthy hoof condition.  She has very good hard feet and I want it to stay that way!  She has been fed Biotin 15 since she was about 4 or 5.

Revitalyte Electro Salts when she is travelling or whenever she has been sweating a lot.  I also have some Electrolyte Paste syringes to take with me to shows.

Stable Fresh Dry Bed Disinfectant Powder on her stable floor usually fortnightly to keep it fresh.

Dry Clean Waterless Body Wash as required for every day stable stains and sweat marks.  And she’s grey so it’s quite a lot really!  This is great in the winter when you don’t want to wet their coat and make them cold.

Winter Leg Scrub Concentrate whenever it’s muddy to clean the bottom of her legs and her feet and Hoof Disinfectant Trigger Spray after I’ve washed her feet.

During the “muddy season(s)”, before she goes in for the night, she gets the bottom of her legs and her feet gently washed with a sponge with winter leg scrub and then the soles of her feet and her frogs sprayed thoroughly with hoof disinfectant, and the walls of her feet oiled.  I then oil them all over (top and bottom) again in the morning before she goes out.  I have found this routine keeps her feet in tip-top condition.


Photographs kindly provided by Lizzie Findlater of On The Trot photography. To find out more about Lizzie, visit her website.

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