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19 February 2013 ~ 0 Comments

The bioavailability of minerals…and why it matters

You’ll see, in our literature, that we regularly refer to ‘bioavailable minerals’ in the ingredient list- not just minerals, but bioavailable ones. We believe this is a really important property and one that we’d like to explain in a bit more detail.

We’re going to focus on one product, Advance Concentrate Complete. This product contains a superb combination of high specification ingredients that are designed to balance a forage based diet, including vitamins, trace elements, probiotics, prebiotics, saccharomyces cerivisae yeast and, of course, bioavailable minerals.

Bioavailability, in this case, refers to the ingredient’s ability to be absorbed and used by the body. To help improve this, we bind the minerals in Advance to an amino acid source, which makes virtually all of the mineral digestible. This means that the horse’s body can utilise more of it, which makes sense to us.


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