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16 March 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Muscle supplements

If you have a competition horse or a horse that’s suffered with muscle issues, such as azoturia, you’re probably very aware of the array of supplements available to help support this important area. We have a number of carefully formulated muscle supplements that contain high levels of important ingredients to really deliver. Here’s a quick guide to our range of muscle supplements:

Creatine Monohydrate 

  • A natural amino acid that helps build lean muscle mass and provides more energy.
  • Can also be used as a buffer against lactic acid.
  • Can be fed to horses undergoing strenuous exercise.
  • 1kg will last for 100 days when fed at the suggested amount for maintenance.

Dee-Tye & Drink 1 ltr 382 white bgDee-Tye & Drink Liquid

  • Carefully formulated liquid supplement to support healthy muscle function.
  • With natural antioxidants, trace elements, minerals, body salts, D-alpha Tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin E), selenium and citric acid.
  • Helps to encourage the horse to drink, which can help prevent the horse’s muscles from stiffening up.
  • 1L will last for 33 days


L-Carnitine Liquid or Paste 

  • L-carnitine is a natural amino acid.
  • It helps the body to release more energy during warm up, improves recovery times and can also help prevent exhaustion.
  • It can be used when horses are involved in strenuous exercise, such as racing.
  • 80ml of L-Carnitine is suggested on the day of strenuous activity when the liquid is fed, or 10ml can be given via oral syringe two to three times a week, and then a further 10ml before hard work.

Muscle Toner Liquid

  • A natural feed supplement that promotes healthy muscle development in horses
  • Contains gamma oryzanol (a natural extract of rice bran oil) and amino acid creatine.
  • It can be fed to help provide increased stamina, lean muscle mass and general improvement in well being and appearance.
  • 1L will last 66 days

Vitamin E & Selenium Liquid

  • Contains vitamin E, selenium, vitamin C, lysine and ginseng.
  • Vitamin C and selenium are both powerful antioxidants, ginseng supports vitality and recovery, lysine supports optimum growth and performance, and vitamin E works to maintain normal muscle acid balance.
  • 1L will last for 20 days


If you’d like some advice on our muscle supplements, or any other supplement in our range, just contact us.

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