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17 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Better hoof health

At Equimins, we’re passionate about nutrition to support health, and hoof health is an excellent example of why.

There are lots of topical hoof products out there, and we do sell a number that help to maintain moisture in the hoof, or improve their appearance, and we also sell a hoof hardener. All these products have their place, without a doubt, but they work hand in hand with quality hoof growth. If you have poor quality hoof, putting a moisturiser on the hoof wall won’t improve the quality of the horn. It may help to reduce cracking and splitting, but it won’t ‘fix’ the poor quality. To address the quality of the horn and improve this, you need to ensure you’re supplying the horse with the correct ingredients to support the process.

Some horses require more hoof support than others. There are many reasons why a horse’s hooves might need a bit of extra help – it could be breeding, conformation, injury…or just because. The good news is that it’s very easy to add a supplement to support hoof growth to your horse’s daily ration. We have three available that offer different levels of support. You might find you start on one and then move to another as needed. Here’s a quick guide to our three hoof supplements and what you need to know…

Equimins Biotin 15If you’re looking to maintain healthy hoof growth, look no further than our Biotin 15. This cost effective supplement supplies 15mg of biotin per daily amount along with zinc, methionine, calcium and copper. Our Biotin 15 really lasts because we pack so much in each scoop…you’ll find that some products need you to feed twice as much each day to get the same amount of biotin! A 1kg tub of Biotin 15 will last for 40 days and costs under £10 (price correct as of July ’15). Find out more here.

Biotin Plus 25 is the next step up and contains more biotin (25mg per daily amount) along with chelated zinc methionate bound to amino acid. It’s ideal for hooves in need of support as the comprehensive blend has been created to support the growth of healthy hooves. The combination of ingredients helps promote strong keratin growth, which is essential for healthy hooves. This supplement will work faster than normal biotin and is still excellent value for money with 1kg lasting 40 days. This quantity has a RRP of £14.75 (price correct as of July ’15). Find out more here. 

Hoof Mender 75For the ultimate in hoof support, you need Hoof Mender 75. This superb specification supplement comes with a money back guarantee if you don’t see an improvement in hoof quality after feeding the supplement for a twelve month period (which is the amount of time it takes for a new hoof to grow). It contains 75mg of biotin per daily amount along with high levels of chelated zinc methionate and an array of other carefully selected ingredients including ascorbic acid and MSM, selected to support hoof growth and condition. Find out more here.

Don’t forget that we’re here to help, so if you need a little extra advice on what to feed your horse to support quality hoof growth and improve hoof quality, why not contact us?

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