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09 October 2015 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use…Dawn Cox

This month’s what do you use comes from Dawn Cox from Angel Horse who has been feeding Bonnie, a rescue case, Advance Concentrate Complete since she came into Dawn’s care. Here, Dawn tells us about Bonnie, her hopes for the future and her progress…please note that some of these pictures do show malnourished horses (but the story has a very happy ending!)…

“On Saturday 8th August we travelled to Dartmoor, from Derby, to see Bonnie. We weren’t sure she would make the seven hour journey back in one piece, but it only took her two minutes to load. As soon as she came back to Derby. we started her on a forage only diet, 24 hour turnout, and two daily feeds of unmolassed chaff and her Equimins supplements – she has Advance Concentrate Complete, Hoof Mender, Flexijoint, Mint and Seaweed. This is what she looks like today.

fone pics 20 sept 2015 001

Bonnie and her friend Ollie

Bonnie today

Bonnie today

“Bonnie is a 17.2hh Shire x Percheron mare who was just 585kg when she was found in a terribly neglected state in Devon – she was almost a third under the weight that she should have been. She moved up to Derby in August and since this time has enjoyed a visit from the dentist and a check-up from the vet who is pleased with her progress…and it’s easy to see why. As the pictures show, she’s a very dfferent horse now! She is doing so well and is starting to come out of her shell a bit now … she even tried to canter away when I went to catch her the other day!  Hopefully if she can get well enough she can go out to the local children’s hospice next year … we want her to be a ‘painting horse’, where the kids can paint her with pony friendly glitter paints. As she’s grey it will show up really well, and she has a lot of space they can cover! Here she is last week paying with our other Shire Ollie.”


Bonnie when first rescued

Bonnie when first rescued


To find out more about Bonnie, please see the website here

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