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18 May 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Products for shine in the show ring

We know what it’s like, you have an important show fast approaching and instead of being clean and shiny, your horse has decided that getting dirty is the way to go. Don’t panic! We have some great products to help your horse shine in the show ring…despite his best efforts…

Giving your horse a good wash is the first step in achieving gleam in the show ring. We have a few different types of shampoo available, depending on what you need and want…

shampoo_blue_100ml (1) copyBlue, Red and Dark Shampoo are all rich shampoos with conditioners that help to enhance coat colour and add lustre. Blue is for white and grey coats with Red and Dark for chestnuts and dark colours respectively.

Microlat Shampoo also contains a conditioner and Microlat, a natural ingredient made using essential oils that will help to cleanse the coat of bacteria and fungi.

Tea Tree Shampoo is a special formula shampoo and conditioner that will give the coat a thorough clean as it promotes healthy skin.

After your horse’s coat is clean, you can then start to use products that will help to enhance shine…

ultra_shine_groomer_500mlUltra Silky Detangler is a must-have for troublesome manes and tails. Not only does the non-greasy spray detangle from first application, it also helps to keep the hair tangle free and leaves a sheen.

Ultra Shine Groomer helps to give a bright gleaming coat with added lustre and also works as a grooming aid to repel dust and dirt.


And now, you just need the finishing touches…

Enhancing Gloss is a clear gel that highlights the features, such as the eyes and nose, by leaving a glossy look.

Leg & Body Whitener is perfect for horses with white patches and those with white socks and stockings. It can be used overnight before the show or on the day to make white bits really bright!

Plaiting LiquidPlaiting Liquid has been specially formulated to make plaiting easier and to help plaits stay firm all day long. Ideal for horses that need to be plaited.

Stain Remover is a handy spray on lotion that can be used to remove grass or stable stains. Very useful if you have one of those horses that delights in acquiring green and brown patches.


To see the rest of our Grooming range, just see the website.

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