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18 February 2015 ~ 0 Comments

It’s all about liquorice  

Have you ever fed your horse liquorice root? The word liquorice might be associated with the black sweet treat, but in its herb form, liquorice can be fed to horses for a number of reasons, including supporting the respiratory tract, liver and body systems. If you’re looking at liquorice, then why not consider the products below? If you click on the product name, you’ll be taken to the relevant part of the website…

Liquorice RootStraight Herbs Liquorice Root –this ‘straight’ liquorice root is dried and easy to feed. It’s available in 1kg bags.

Air-Way – both our Air-Way herbal blend and Air-Way liquid tincture contain liquorice. The Air-Way products are designed to support the respiratory system.

Cleanser – created to support and cleanse the liver and kidneys in horses, Cleanser contains liquorice in addition to milk thistle, burdock, dandelion and vervain.

Detox – a liquid herbal tincture to support the detoxification of impurity build up. It also contains burdock, dandelion, nettle and clivers, in addition to liquorice, and has been formulated to ensure rapid uptake into the bloodstream.

Respiratory Formula – is a powerful liquid herbal extract, designed to support the respiratory system and lung function, which Gut Healthcombines a range of carefully selected herbs with eucalyptus oil and vitamin C.

Gut Health
– a liquid blend of herbs that helps to give a feel good gut the natural way, using 14 carefully selected herbs. It can be used to naturally support gut health every three months.


To find out more, see the website.

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