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15 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Take the Before and After Advance Challenge!

Are you concerned about your horse’s condition? Are you looking for a new balancer? Have you been using Advance Concentrate Complete and are delighted with the results? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, this competition is for you.

We’re asking Equimins customers to send us before and after pictures of their horses – the first pictures should be taken before the horse starts using Advance Concentrate Complete, and the second should be at least two months after adding Advance to the horse’s normal feeding regime. Both pictures should clearly show the horse’s condition (so the horse shouldn’t be wearing a rug, for example). Out of the entries we receive, we’ll pick the best pictures and stories and feature these on our blog. All horses featured will receive an Equimins gift as a thank you. Interested? Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Take a picture of your horse before you start feeding Advance (or you can use an image taken just before Advance was introduced to the diet).Advance Concentrate Complete
  2. Feed Advance Concentrate Complete for at least two months.
  3. Take a second picture of your horse after two months showing the horse’s condition.
  4. Send an email to rhea@equimins.com, subject line ‘Before and after Advance’ – include your two images and a little bit about your horse and what you do with him/her.
  5. Please note that images must be free for Equimins to use, as in, you must have taken the images and give permission for them to be used (this will be assumed if the images are submitted). Watermarked images and professional images sent without permission to use them will not be accepted.
  6. If selected, your information and images will appear on the Equimins blog and will be promoted on Equimins’ social media channels and through the newsletter.
  7. Entries will close on 30/06/15.


Advance Concentrate Complete is a forage balancer WITH a money back guarantee if the horse’s owner doesn’t see an improvement in condition after feeding the supplement for two months. It supports a forage diet and the way that the horse is ‘designed’ to eat. To find out more about Advance Concentrate Complete, see the website here. To find out more about the horse’s digestive system, see our ‘Bedtime Reading’ here.

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