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05 July 2011 ~ 0 Comments

New product – Dry Clean

Equimins Dry CleanWe are delighted to introduce Dry Clean, a new addition to our grooming and coat care collection. Dry Clean is a waterless body cleanser that is ideal for use on grass stains, stable stains, sweat, grease and general dirt. It can be used at shows and competitions to remove those last minute marks, or in place of a conventional shampoo that is used with water.

The British weather is never entirely predictable, and whilst the show season for most riders is in the summer, we all know that the summer months can sometimes be wet (not this year so far though !!), and sometimes cold, and no one really wants to be washing their horse when it’s like that. With all this in mind, we’ve created Dry Clean, which is a great alternative to shampoo and water. It’s ideal for cleaning horses pre competition, or even at events to remove dirt and stains. Dry Clean is available in two sizes – 500ml which comes supplied in a trigger spray bottle for easy application at £9.50, and 1 litre trigger spray bottles at £16.25.

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