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18 November 2014 ~ 0 Comments

SOEquine – Without the lows there can be no highs…

…And this last three months we have certainly had our fair share of lows; an abscess, tendon injury, Cushing’s diagnosis, gastric ulcers, and injuries resulting from firework disasters, so I am really looking forward to the highs that we are now due! In August I resumed training with Hannah Esberger, I couldn’t believe it had […]

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27 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

What’s a gastric ulcer and how are they caused?

Gastric ulcers are caused by the horse’s sensitive stomach lining being exposed to digestive acid for too long. If you think about the way the horse was ‘designed’, it all becomes clear. In the wild, horses grazed for many, many hours a day, hence horses are referred to as trickle feeders. Some people try and […]

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